Jagiellonian University


Jagiellonian University is one of the leading Polish scientific institutions with long tradition of research and education. Institute of Sociology is involved in many international research projects about social and cultural dimensions of consumption, energy, health, rural and urban communities, religion, migration, gender, demography and ageing.


Living Lab Leader – Krakow (PL). Krakow LL focuses on children and adolescents with low SES, involving diverse actors of children’s food environment: family, education, market and other areas. ​
JU team will contribute to analysis of the role of lifestyle and socio-cultural factors of food patterns, like gender, family roles, age, education etc.

Ewa Kopczynska

Associate Professor of Food Sociology​

Barbara Ostafińska-Molik

Postdoc Researcher in Education Science​

Agata Rejowska

Postdoctoral Researcher in Sociology