The French National Institute for Agriculture, Environment and Food Research is one of the world leading institute in agronomic and food system research. INRAE’s missions are to carry out finalized research for healthy and quality food, for sustainable agriculture, and for a preserved and enhanced environment.


  • Living Lab Leader​ – Auvergne Rhône Alpes (FR) – Territorial Food Plan « Grand Clermont/PNR Livradois-Forez »
  • Contributing to the:
    – analysis of the influence of social and physical food environments on high impact behaviours,
    – assessment of the impact of protein sources (animal/plant), degree of processing and food variety (incl. organic, local and/or seasonal) on chronic diseases risks,
    – co-development of a toolbox of interventions.

Anthony Fardet

Researcher in preventive,
holistic and sustainable diets
Focus on ultra-processed foods​

Claire Planchat-Héry

Researcher in socio-geography on territorial transitions and food strategies.

Edmond Rock

Researcher in nutrition
and & health​, extended
to impact of processing
and along the food system